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The author of this blog does not the maintain that anything written on this blog accurately represents his feelings or accurately portrays reality in anyway.  The writings herein are best to be read as an exercise in self-discovery or as a piece of art.  This is not to suggest that this blog is a type of art, but approaching the writing non-literally is how it is intended to be interpreted.  In addition nothing written here has necessarily been thought through with any amount of scrutiny, most of the text is written as a stream of consciousness.  Furthermore the writing is most likely not proofread, thus errors and typos will be inevitable.  To summarize, please be conscious that this blog does not represent anything meaningful and is not grounded in any sort of reality.  So please do not take anything literally.

Bulk Cooking Spreadsheet

Recently I’ve decided I wanted to get into bulk cooking, and have also been trying to teach myself how to use new commands in excel.  To make bulk cooking on the weekends easier I put together a spreadsheet that will compare user added ingredient lists against another user added list of ingredients that they have in their kitchen to generate a shopping list.  It’s nothing spectacular, but if you’re good at keeping track of what you have and don’t have in your kitchen it should make shopping a little easier if you know what you want to make during the week.

Quick run down on how to use the spreadsheet.  List all the ingredients in Column A of the Master Ingredient List Sheet.  Recipes can be added in pages R1-R10.  The formatting is important for these pages, row A is only for the names of ingredients you want the spreadsheet to search for in the Master Ingredient List page (word of warning when manipulating these cells, they seem a little finicky so I would recommend not trying to move cells around in the recipe pages). After adding the ingredients in pages R1-R10, a shopping list will be generated in the Shopping List page.  All the recipes pages are currently filled as examples of how to use the spreadsheet.

Hope someone finds this helpful!

Shopping List Spreadsheet

Mcat Flashcards

I was hesitant to do this before I got my Mcat scores back, but after receiving them I feel comfortable doing this.  I’ve attached my Anki decks from when I was studying for the Mcat this summer.  One is fairly personalized so some of the answers might not be immediately intuitive, but I hope someone somewhere might one day find them useful.  At this time I would rather not publicly release my score but using these two decks I was comfortably over 90th percentile.  Also, the first linked deck is courtesy of the Reddit user  sc4s2cg, while the second deck was made by me.

The method I used to generate my deck was to take practice tests to identify my weaknesses and to guide my studying.  Every Saturday I would take a full test following the AAMC testing guidelines.  After taking the test I would review every question on the practice test (right and wrong) and make flashcards out of every distinct fact that I was not 100% confident that I knew.  So even for questions I answered correctly I would make a flashcard for if I even felt like I was not certain I knew that fact.

I also used the practice tests to identify topics I didn’t know.  After identifying topics I would read up on whatever topic I had identified and took notes from the Princeton Review study books I was using, and then made flashcards out of my notes.

By the end of the summer and about three weeks out from the test I had accumulated a large number of flashcards and began to worry that I had forgotten some of my earlier ones, so I changed the Anki setting such that I would review each card every three days minimum so that I was constantly seeing every card I had made.  This helped me feel more confident, but such a drastic way of studying might not be necessary for others.

Anyway, I hope this helps!  If anyone finds this -and further finds it helpful-and has any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

Dropbox download links:

Tinder Date


1.5 Ounces Tequila

1 Ounce Triple-sec

3 – 6 Ounces Grapefruit Soda

1 – 3 Muddled Strawberry (depending on size)

Muddle strawberries with tequila and triple sec, shake, double strain (optional), add grapefruit soda, and garnish with lime twist.

Brief note before going to the schematics of the drink.  This drink evolved from a cynical desire to create a drink to share with my other single friends on a lonely Valentine’s Day.  Ironically, I didn’t spend that Valentine’s Day single or with my other single friends, and my girlfriend Lily (with whom I spent Valentine’s Day with) helped me concoct this drink.  I had planned to spend that evening with my single friends while the couples in our friend-group went to do couple things, instead I found myself escapading hundreds of miles from my school to go on my first date with Lily.  But that’s a story for another time.

In creating this drink the name came first and the ingredients were selected to capture the aesthetic of the name.  I settled on the name Tinder date represented an easy alternative to spending Valentine’s Day single, and seems to capture feelings that are opposite to those associated with Valentine’s Day.  Tequila was selected as the base spirit because nothing spells out ‘poor decisions’ better than tequila and a Tinder date.  I felt the incorporation of grapefruit soda incorporated a slight bitterness I wanted in the drink.  If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I was not happy about Valentine’s Day.  Finally, strawberries give the drink a pleasant red hue, and also go well with the theme of the drink.  Unfortunately, the only reason Triple Sec was used was to add a bit of sweetness and citrus flavor.

Now onto how to actually make the drink.  I found while making this drink for my friends (including the couples) single straining instead of double straining allowed for little bits of strawberry to make their way into the final product.  Personally I found it enjoyable because the small pieces of strawberry were pleasant to eat.  Depending on how strong you would like to make your drink the amount of grapefruit soda can be varied.  In terms of taste, there were dramatic differences depending on the amount of soda used.  With only 1-2 ounces of soda the drink the taste of tequila was much more obvious and the carbonation from the soda was basically negligible, but with 4-6 ounces of soda the drink almost seemed like a punch because the tequila was completely masked by the taste of grapefruit.

Reflecting on the drink I suspect the incorporation of lime juice might be a pleasant addition.  I don’t necessarily think using less triple-sec would be necessary because a large reason it was used was to add sugar to the drink because grapefruit soda is not terribly sweet.  Another aspect I would like to improve on is incorporating a stronger strawberry flavor, it might have been because the strawberries I had access to were not very ripe, but I think taste of strawberry was too subtle.  Two alternatives come to mind immediately, first would be to incorporate half an ounce of strawberry liqueur (replacing half an ounce of triple-sec potentially), or to use a touch of strawberry syrup.  I currently have a bottle of Amoretti Wild strawberry Syrup that I’ve become an increasingly large fan of.

That’s all I have for this drink.  Even if you don’t make it for Valentine’s Day, it’s a delicious drink independently of the thought process behind it.  Enjoy!