Welcome to Bars and Behavior.  This blog is meant to be a side project during a transitional two year period before I re-apply to medical school.  A little about me, I’m a  recent economics/biochemistry graduate from Grinnell College.  During the day I work as a research assistant/ lab technician/ lab bitch in a gastroenterology lab whose primary focus is Crohn’s Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and Colitis, but at night I transform into a wannabe powerlifting, bartending, behavioral economist.

My motivation for starting this blog is that I realized on a daily basis I am exposed to a constant stream of information.  Unfortunately due to the volume most of the quality information is forgotten.  A logical solution to this problem would be to start writing down things I want to remember.  Thus,  I intend this blog to be a space for personal reflection, sharing ideas, and keeping a record of my day to day.  Another realization that I had was that there is not a good outlet for undergraduate level behavioral economics help, especially with regards actually using proposed models.  So I also hope to contribute to the field by going through popular papers and giving sample calculations for models.  Other topics will include cocktail ideas, new music, workout logs and reflections, non-economic paper reviews, medical school essays, trying to pinpoint what the aesthetic is exactly, and general ramblings.

Thanks for reading!

(Also, here is a picture of myself)