Wow, time flies?

It’s been awhile since I’ve written one of these.  Honestly, the break up hasn’t been something that’s been on my mind terribly much?  That’s probably a good thing.  Interesting things note, I feel like Angela doesn’t want to be friends like she said she did?  Doesn’t really bother me, it definitely raises a lot of questions about why she made such a big deal out of trying to stay friends?  To be fair those conversations always happened at emotionally stressful times which can definitely influence decision making.  Anyway, I tried (despite agreeing she would be the one to try.  I guess?  I said I would try also.  I held up my side of the deal at least).

This post is definitely more to stroke my own ego.  More or less, let me tell you why I’m so good…very self masturabatory.

One other thing.  When people ask me if I think you’d make a good resident, and yes, people do ask me.  I say Yes.


God dammit I’m a good ex-boyfriend





(also, who ends a 1.5 year relationship over Skype?  I feel like I deserved an in person goodbye at least.  That’s some weakass shit right there)


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