I feel like my mind is cluttered with things I would tell my girlfriend if we were talking.  So until I feel like I don’t need to anymore I’m going to compile things that I’m having a hard time not telling her.

5/5/17 – 5/10/17

  • The TMDSAS isn’t what I expected, why do they require my SAT and ACT scores?
  • My mom and I went to another another Walk with Docs walk Saturday.  At least, we tried to.  There must have been some kind of miscommunication because no one else showed up so my mom and I ended up taking a walk in the park by ourselves.
  • My body isn’t happy.  I need to prioritize sleep.  You’d think it would be easy with all the alcohol, but tipsy me gets distracted so easily.
  • Everyone has been gone at DDW so things have been pretty chill in lab.  It’s giving me a good amount of time to field emails for medical school app things.  There’s so much coordination required for this.  Especially for transcripts and letters
  • I arranged a meeting with Dr. Green about my letter of recommendation.  Should be nice, I love meeting with Dr. Green, it’s always such a good time.
  • I plated some transwells this week.  I wanted to test out a new batch of collagen IV I made (we use it to coat the transwells before seeding cells onto the membranes).  So there goes my weekend?  We’ll see, if it looks like they’re growing well I might just toss them since I don’t really have a use for them.  I just wanted to make sure the collagen worked.
  • I’ve started moving things out of my apartment.  Basically all moved out except my bar stuff, kitchen stuff, and table in my room.  I’m glad I had the apartment for a year though.  We made some good memories there.
  • Someone has been waiting in Matt’s office for about an hour at this point.  He texted me earlier asking me to open his office for her since he knew he was running late.  She just left though.  I guess that’s pretty reasonable though, I wouldn’t be happy waiting so long for anyone else either…
  • It was so difficult not to message you this video: .  I really thought you’d like it.  I was a little worried you had some across it already, but if we were talking I would have sent it to you regardless.  It made me sad I couldn’t share it with you
  • I really wanted to show you this too: .  I messed up on some squats.  I had the safeties on and on the eccentric portion of the lift I was misaligned with them so the plates on the bar hit the safeties throwing me off balance.  Basically a gym fail.  It absolutely tore me apart not being able to send it to you.  I almost did but forced myself not to
  • It was hilarious, this morning when I was dropping off your package I struggled hardcore opening the package drop off box.  I thought it was locked or something?  Then out of nowhere this middle aged Asian woman just casually opened it and I was like, “wtf”.  So…that was pretty embarrassing.
  • I’ve been listening to a lot of lil peep/gothboiclique recently.  I came across this  I would have totally ordered it if it wasn’t out of stock
  • hook grip progress is going well.  did 395x3x4 deficit deadlifts using it today.  My thumbs feel absolutely dead though
    • I was super proud of this
    • really wanted to share it with you
  • Skyped with Chewie tonight.  it was a really pleasant change of pace.  I’m pretty sure it’s the first time I’ve laughed in a few days


  • Talking to chewie really helped.  I like talking to chewie, it makes me feel a lot better
  • Lab meeting went pretty smoothly today, basically people just talking about things they learned at the conference everyone went to last week
  • unexpectedly I’m presenting the data I collected and the new transwell protocol I wrote next week so I should probably get on that…



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