Bulk Cooking Spreadsheet

Recently I’ve decided I wanted to get into bulk cooking, and have also been trying to teach myself how to use new commands in excel.  To make bulk cooking on the weekends easier I put together a spreadsheet that will compare user added ingredient lists against another user added list of ingredients that they have in their kitchen to generate a shopping list.  It’s nothing spectacular, but if you’re good at keeping track of what you have and don’t have in your kitchen it should make shopping a little easier if you know what you want to make during the week.

Quick run down on how to use the spreadsheet.  List all the ingredients in Column A of the Master Ingredient List Sheet.  Recipes can be added in pages R1-R10.  The formatting is important for these pages, row A is only for the names of ingredients you want the spreadsheet to search for in the Master Ingredient List page (word of warning when manipulating these cells, they seem a little finicky so I would recommend not trying to move cells around in the recipe pages). After adding the ingredients in pages R1-R10, a shopping list will be generated in the Shopping List page.  All the recipes pages are currently filled as examples of how to use the spreadsheet.

Hope someone finds this helpful!

Shopping List Spreadsheet


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