Mcat Flashcards

I was hesitant to do this before I got my Mcat scores back, but after receiving them I feel comfortable doing this.  I’ve attached my Anki decks from when I was studying for the Mcat this summer.  One is fairly personalized so some of the answers might not be immediately intuitive, but I hope someone somewhere might one day find them useful.  At this time I would rather not publicly release my score but using these two decks I was comfortably over 90th percentile.  Also, the first linked deck is courtesy of the Reddit user  sc4s2cg, while the second deck was made by me.

The method I used to generate my deck was to take practice tests to identify my weaknesses and to guide my studying.  Every Saturday I would take a full test following the AAMC testing guidelines.  After taking the test I would review every question on the practice test (right and wrong) and make flashcards out of every distinct fact that I was not 100% confident that I knew.  So even for questions I answered correctly I would make a flashcard for if I even felt like I was not certain I knew that fact.

I also used the practice tests to identify topics I didn’t know.  After identifying topics I would read up on whatever topic I had identified and took notes from the Princeton Review study books I was using, and then made flashcards out of my notes.

By the end of the summer and about three weeks out from the test I had accumulated a large number of flashcards and began to worry that I had forgotten some of my earlier ones, so I changed the Anki setting such that I would review each card every three days minimum so that I was constantly seeing every card I had made.  This helped me feel more confident, but such a drastic way of studying might not be necessary for others.

Anyway, I hope this helps!  If anyone finds this -and further finds it helpful-and has any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

Dropbox download links:


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